K1 Fiancée Visa Checklist

If you get a beloved one in the USA and you plan to be engaged and married, the first thing he must do is physically meet with you. No one K1 visa can be given if you do not give USCIS and the officers in consulate enough evidence that you have become close enough persons and your desire to marry is sincere. So that, when your fiancée meets with you, be ready preparing the following stuff: Читать далее «K1 Fiancée Visa Checklist»

K1 Visa requirements for all applicants

Love can break all the rules and obstacles, but not in case with a fiancée visa. Not each applicant for K1 is eligible for getting it. USCIS has the strict rules according which the K1 applicant should meet all the requirements. In case when you do not meet at least one of these requirements, you can be refused in getting a fiancée visa. Читать далее «K1 Visa requirements for all applicants»