K1 Fiancée Visa Checklist

If you get a beloved one in the USA and you plan to be engaged and married, the first thing he must do is physically meet with you. No one K1 visa can be given if you do not give USCIS and the officers in consulate enough evidence that you have become close enough persons and your desire to marry is sincere. So that, when your fiancée meets with you, be ready preparing the following stuff:

— Photos where both of you present. It is better if time is stamped on each picture of you;

— Photos with a fiancée family and buddies;

— Boarding passes (all of them better);

— Stores and restaurants original receipts;

— Learn about your fiancée and his family as much as you can;

— All the documents needed for USCIS.

Forms and documents for filing

A K1 visa applicant must prepare the following forms and documents:

— Form I-129F;

— Check for $535 (I-129F fee);

— Form G-1145;

— Statements of intent to marry;

— Cover letter;

— Evidence (proof) of meeting with your fiancée in person (within last two years);

— Photos for passport — both for a beneficiary and a petitioner;

— U.S. birth certificate, which is the proof of the US citizenship;

— Information about changing of a name (if it was changed);

— Court and police certified convictions according to IMBRA regulations;

Send all these documents with a courier or a mail (the package must be tracked).

NB: the list included also Form G-325A with information about a petitioner (the American citizen) and beneficiary (alien fiancée). Since May, the form is not needed.

For Embassy

Prepare the following stuff:

— DS-160 Form

— Valid passport (the expiration date must come not earlier than in 6 months after the documents are provided);

— Documents about divorces for both sides (if they were previously married);

— Valid police certificates from the country the applicant resides;

— Police certificates from the countries where the applicant stayed for more than half a year;

— I-134 Form which is the Evidence of financial support;

— Beneficiary birth certificate;

— Results of medical exam;

— All vaccinations records;

— Relationship proof;

— Two photos for passport (2”x 2”);

— Fee of $265 for Embassy

NB: Embassy can also request for Affidavit of support.

When visa id granted go to the USA and be ready to marry there in 3 months period.

After that you can apply for Green Card

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