Filling fiancée visa forms — the most important recommendations

Sometimes individuals going to marry an American citizen soon and applying for K1 fiancée visa, are scared by the number of forms to be filled in. Meanwhile, whose, who read the information, tips and instructions of USCIS carefully have a success. It is extremely important to work with all these forms correctly, filling them with no mistakes. Otherwise the K1 timeline will last over 5-6 months and the applicant will be too nervous about this delay.

Certainly, special agencies and legal attorneys can do all the paperwork for applicants. Very often exactly the help of professional excludes the RFE (Request for Evidence) that causes most of delays in getting K1. Meanwhile, they charge for the work done.

Fiancée visa forms appendixes

All the applicants for K1 (
Fiancée visa) should go through the procedure of filling in various forms. They are: 

— I-129F— the form that is called a petition for a fiancée;

— DS-160 form online, which gives the information that you have applied for Nonimmigrant Visa;

— Optional G-1145 form which gives your fiancée the right to track your case status online; e



The most meaningful and significant if the I-129F. All process of getting a fiancée visa K1 start with filling this form. After filling I-129F in, and applicant should send it to USCIS. Additionally, a $535 filing fee should be paid.

DS-160 is an online electronically filled in form. No applicant should fill it with handwriting or typing. It is a form informing about your Nonimmigrant visa.

G-1145 can be ignored in case your fiancée does not want tracking your case online. However, as practice shows, most people wish getting updated information concerning the case status, and fill the form in.

Filling in K1 visa forms — recommendations

— All forms for fiancée visa should be printed or typed with black ink only. Computer and printer can be used also.

— Each form instruction should be carefully followed;

— Check for the typos and exclude any of them, even the smallest ones;

— Care about making copies of each paper filled in before you send them to USCIS.

— Never believe those, who offer your getting “cheap” forms for K1. They are 100% free — get them at


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