Fiancée visa K1 timeline and its aspects

Persons who apply to fiancée visa K1 worry if the process of getting it can last too long. They do even hire attorneys to “push” the procedure and shorten it. Meanwhile, in 2017 the average timeline of K1 is approximately half a year. In each case it varies. Some lucky persons going to marry the USA citizen managed to get their K1 in 3 months! However, an applicant who will avoid a request for evidence can count on 5-6 months since the day he/she files the first form till the day he/she gets a visa.

Check for the time which is needed for each step.


  1. 1 — 3 weeks for getting notification from USCIS that they have already got your I-129F form filled. This will be Notice of Action or NOA1(the official abbreviation).
  2. 3-5 months for approval. This time will pass between getting NOA1 and NOA2
  3. 2-3 weeks for NVC. Exactly this period is the time all applicants for K1 are waiting when their case will come to the National Visa Center.
  4. 1-2 months (sometimes this process takes less time) should be waited before the applicant’s case comes to the USA embassy located in your country.
  5. The most exciting and waited time will last 2-5 days. During this period you, as an applicant for K1 visa, will get it.

Check the whole process description here.

Aspects that can influence the K1 visa timeline

The country of your origin

Though some conflicts in certain countries the process of getting K1 visa may last there longer, up to a year. Here the timeline depends on the situation in the country of an applicant.

Request of evidence

If a USCIS officer finds out there is not enough evidence that you are eligible to get fiancée visa 9lack of mutual photos or not enough correspondence, for example), he can ask you to provide them the lacking evidence. It makes the K1 timeline longer.


Heavy workload of USCIS

It might happen that USCIS have too many cases to be considered and approved, thus you might wait for getting K1 longer. National holidays (Christmas Eve, for example) can also make a delay

Your petition quality

Petitions that are filled in clearly, with no mistakes and correctly, are approved quickly.

Terrorism or disasters

These horrible events and Force majeure can postpone getting your K1.

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