Fiancée Visa Cost — how it can vary

When the American, who wishes to marry a foreign person, is going to apply for a K1 visa for her/him, this individual should be aware of all the costs. K1 visa is not the cheapest one, and in most cases a petitioner (the person from the USA side) pays for all connected with it. It includes not only fiancée visa application fee, but medical exams, airplane tickets; all travel expenses including accommodation, often — an attorney or agency assistance. Thus, the K1 visa expenses can vary from $1,200 to $5,000 and even over. Correct, both sides — petitioner and beneficiary should learn — marriage with a foreigner costs a lot.

Check how much should be charged for various things and miscellaneous when you apply for K1.

Basic expenses for Fiancée visa

These costs always include:

— Obligatory Government fees which consist of:

1. $535 for USCIS Filing;

2. Medical exam that varies according to the country of a beneficiary and Embassy $265 fee;

3. RapidVisa or an attorney assistance that should be added to $800 obligatory government fees sum.

K1 Visa expenses in details

$535 check should be applied to I-129F Form (K1 visa petition). This is the “must” of any fiancée visa — the first payment that should be done in the beginning of the process.

$265 for Embassy is always paid close to the end of getting K1 visa process. The money is paid in the embassy of the USA, where the interview for getting K1 is conducted.

$60-$300 (sometimes a bit over) for Medical exam. The sum depends on the country where the interview is conducted. The visa applicant pays this sum to the medical institution (clinic) where she/he passes the medical exams.

Various expenses for travelling that include the airplane tickets. Naturally the total sum here depends of the country where the beneficiary lives. It varies from several hundreds to several thousand of dollars.

Assistance, the help of a lawyer varies, but in most cases attorneys dealing with fiancée visas (they take responsibility for all paperwork) charge $1,800 — $3000. The assistance of RapidVisa’s is cheaper (starting from $375 and over). The paym,ent plan can be very convenient — monthly $202 payments including filing fee for USCIS. The other agencies may ask up to $1,400 and over for the same service.


Naturally, you should consider the other payments. They include:

— Postage expenses for selling files and correspondence;

— Costs of getting different official papers, i.e. old birth certificates, the originals of papers about divorce, bank stuff , etc.;

— Making an international passport for a beneficiary (if the person does not have it yet);

— Photos for passport that should have the right size and correspond the standard (find the information about it at USCIS site);

— Fee for kids’ Medical exams if kids go to the USA with a K1 applicant. Children get K2 free, in this case, but the medical costs should be paid;

— Translations: the certified translations of the documents are needed in case when the documents are not in English.


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