70 questions of a K1 Fiancée Visa interview

Each process of getting K1 visa ends with an interview. The beneficiary is told about the date of the event and the time to come to the USA Embassy. As it comes, the interview is almost always being hold in the country where an alien beneficiary lives. However, in case when this country does not have the USA Embassy, or the interviews are not hold there, the last step in getting a fiancée visa can be done in the USA Embassy, located in the country close to the country of a beneficiary. Children that apply for K2 must be present at the interview as well. Meanwhile, they might not be asked questions.

The whole time that is usually spent at the interview is limited with 10-15 minutes. Petitioner should not be present at the process, however, in certain countries his presence is allowed. The officer takes all the files and documents of beneficiary, looks through them again and starts asking her/him special questions.

Here is the list of 70 questions that can be asked during a K-1 visa interview. Sure, beneficiary is asked only several of them ( 5 -10 questions).

70 questions at the K1 visa interview

Explore this list of questions before you go to the interview and be ready to know the answers on all of them. Do not be confused if you cannot give an answer on a certain question — USCIS officer will ask another one.

What is the name of your fiancée?

Do you know interests and hobbies of your future spouse?

Does your fiancée have a car? If yes, what is its model (color)?

Do you have any hobbies?

Can you name the profession of your fiancée?

What is your fiancée’s income?

What is your profession?

Was your future husband married before and how many times?

Do you know something about your future husband’s kids?

Do you remember the names of your fiancée’s parents?

How do his children take the news about their father new relationship?

Have you got the information that your fiancée got a divorce earlier?

Where will you stay and live in the US?

How did you meet your future spouse and where did it happen?

How long have you been keeping in contact with your fiancée?

Have you certain mutual plans about future wedding and party?

How many years (months) has your fiancée lived at the current address?

Is your fiancée religious and if yes what is his religion?

What is your religion?

Does your fiancée know your language and understand it?

Do you understand native language of your fiancée?

How long the last trip of your fiancée to your country lasted?

Do you know anything about the criminal past of your fiancée?

What is the usual way of communication with your fiancée?

Why do you intend to go to the USA?

What were the circumstances of meeting your fiancée?

Do you remember the full name of your fiancée?

Can you spell your fiancée’s last name?

How many years has your fiancée lived in United States?

Are you sure you are not a terrorist?

Do you have any other names? If yes, what are they?

Can you tell me about your wedding plans?

Have you already organized the engagement party?/ Have you invited there your friends and relatives?

Have you got any honeymoon plans?

Do you know how many days per week your future husband work?

Have you already travelled to the USA?

Do you know anything about your fiancée’s ex-spouse and do you know her name?

What are your plans of entering the USA if the visa is approved?

Do you know anything about your fiancée’s brothers, sisters and other siblings? (name them)

What do you know about the state your future husband lives in?

What will you do for living after you come to the USA?

Are you both planning to have children?

Do you know your fiancée’s parents personally?

Have any counselor denied you a visa to any country?

Can you tell me now the email address and phone number of your fiancée?

How and how often do your talk or communicate through internet with your fiancée?

What is your fiancée’s age?

Have you been married, and if yes, how many times?

What is the age of your fiancée’s kids?

Do you have mutual hobbies? How you prefer spending time together?

Can you tell me about the last present that your fiancée has given to you?

Does your family know anything about your engagement? What is their reaction?

Does your fiancée’s family know about your engagement and how do they feel about it?

What do you love in the character of your fiancée?

Why have you taken a decision to marry an American, but not the guy from your country?

Who of you made the proposition?

Tell me about the proposal. How did it happen?

Do you have something in common with your fiancée?

Do you know anything about favorite food of your fiancée? (the actors, movies, music he likes)

Have you met in person only once or several times?

How many days or months have you spent already together in person?

Do you have at least 5-year plans on your future life?

Does your future husband has home pets and what are their names?

What can you tell me about friends of your fiancée?

Will you invite guests for your wedding? How many of them?

What is the birthplace of your fiancée?

Have you dated long before an engagement?

Do any of your relatives live in the USA?

Do you have any information about your fiancée’s college?

Can you name the color of your fiancée’s eyes?

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